Ott & Huey Episode #93

All you need to know about 93: Ott and Huey Soundoff with Sinkoff, and we’re pretty sure he’s continued talking for the year he’s been off the air, we were just smart enough to put a microphone in front of him, when it was working.



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Ott & Huey Episode #86

86: New Studio, Shopping, Tulips, Kindle, Local News, Terrible Covers, Dear Ott, Prez, Ron Paul, Tibbetts, Tebow, Dixon, Deion, Sam Jackson, Octomom, Alec Berlin, spilled soup, Rattlesnake country, Radiate, Florida, shit show, F in thievery, bar



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Ott & Huey Episode #85

85: Dead or Alive, Dick Dick Regis, Secret Servicing, throwbacks, Groupon, Dear Ott, Warren Buffett, Ted Nugent, Ozzie, Governor, Moyer, Pippa, Chuck Norris Bridge, Newtered, Mayor Kardashian, O, Odd News



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