Things that totally suck about being 41

From the home office near Albany, NY: Things that totally suck about being 41. Happy Birthday to Me!

10. Hair ceases to grow in places you want it and starts to grow in places you never realized could grow it.
9. Your body hurts all day from the strenuous exercise of getting out of bed.
8. You can’t trust farts anymore.
7. You find yourself reading hair dye labels at the store to see if it works on greying body hair.
6. You have to find another Ophthalmologist because you threatened to murder your current one because he mentioned the word “bifocals.”
5. All the good movies and television shows you watched as a kid are getting remade, terribly.
4. If you don’t start the day eating fiber then the rest of the day is shot.
3. Most of the people your age look old, until you glance in the mirror and realize so do you.
2. You learn to enjoy the simple things in life, like desperately looking for your car keys and glasses, when they are already in your pocket and on your head.
1. At 41, when you say something like, “My wife and I are going to watch Netflix and chill” it makes you sound old and gross.

Huey’s 5/23/10 TV Diary

May 23 2010, I decided to watch four big TV events in one night…the series finale of Lost, a show I’ve never seen; the finale of The Celebrity Apprentice, with one of the show’s favorites, Brett Michaels; the finale of Family Guy, just because it makes me belly-laugh; and, the Yankees-Mets rubber match. (Ott couldn’t help but put some of his own comments in italics

8:11 pm- First pitch, Santana to Jeter. Base hit up the middle

8:30- Sabathia looks shaky. Got out of jam but doesn’t look right.  And, easy one here, Texiera, well, he looks Lost. Speaking of which, Lost apparently is an all night event. Holy crap, I’m roped into watching 4 hours of a show that I have never watched before.

8:46- Yup, there it goes. After a two run single from Angle Pagan—yeah, his name is Angel Pagan- that’s ironic. Any way, Jason Bay jacks one to left center 4-0 Mets. Btw, checked the DVR and Family Guy’s season finale is another Star Wars spoof, and Trump finale tonight, too.

9:00- Lost is doing some freaky flashback, forward non-sense. Switch to Family Guy, Empire Strikes Back spoof, doesn’t seem as funny as the first one. Continue reading “Huey’s 5/23/10 TV Diary”

Episode 7.5 – The Blogcast


With Ott on vacation we want to give you a little glimpse of how “The Ott and Huey show” comes together on a weekly basis.  Ott and I have been doing these e-mail “shows” for years (and for that matter is the reason we do the show).  This blogcast is about the season finale of 24, 24’s effect on pop-culture and the new season in January 2010.


So without further a-do…..


Oh, and for you diehards here’s an intro;


Howard: Previously on the Ott and Huey show…


Ott: The Brats were great.


Huey: Jet setting.


Ott: Holy shit there’s Jimmy Norton!


Simon: Roman Helmet


Howard: And now, here’s Ott and Huey.


Ott: There’s a medical term for that….


Huey: is it Whore?



From: Brown,Huey []
Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 10:44 AM
To: Otter, Rich
Subject: Jack Bauer


Was on a Morphine drip and dying when his daughter shows up to do an experimental medical procedure to save his life, come on….really?

From: Otter, Rich []
Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 10:49 AM
To: Brown,Huey
Subject: RE: Jack Bauer


That’s where you decided to draw the line on your suspension of disbelief, really?


From: Brown,Huey []
Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 11:02 AM
To: Otter, Rich
Subject: RE: Jack Bauer


It was about as predictable and anti-climatic as the ending of any A-team episode. Did the writers just give up on the ending? I mean 24 was signed up for another season so we knew Jack was going to live.  If they were shooting for corny they should have just done a House/24 cross over where House saves Bauer but not before Bauer kills and tortures 5 people for being in a anti-American hospital conspiracy.

Continue reading “Episode 7.5 — The Blogcast”