Ott and Huey Episode #4

Sorry for the delay, folks. Hope you didn’t miss us too much. Here’s #4 for you. This week:

cinco de mayo, beepbeep, softball, howie’s voicemail, howie live, hobo catalog, swine flu, new familiars, simon returns, more golden girls and dom deloise, FCC – nah, toto, firebirds, good riddance, chopper hunting, punch in the face, bear – grrrr, one arm – one eye – one stroke



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4 thoughts on “Ott and Huey Episode #4

  1. “…he’s got these Wrangler jeans that he’s pilfering…”! Really, Huey? Brett Favre is stealing Wrangler Jeans? That doesn’t sound like the Brett Favre I know … fucked up, man.

    1. Brett Favre steals stuff; he robbed the Jets of a play off chance by throwing the football to the wrong team. You as a JET fan should demand to get his salary back from last year.

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