Ott and Huey Episode #5

Come see us on our facebook fan group Friends of Ott and! This week:

One Fan, housecleaning, dislike/fail, tweet?, impromptu celebrity apprentice, manny being stupid, former Mets beat reporter Joe joins us, Clemens, steroids etc etc etc, entertainment report, ted nugent goes hunting, huey watches CMT, lamaze class podcast style, music from Of Former Fame, mounties, it’s all greek to me, cut loose, pupils punching, “in all of anthropology”, swisters, where’s my fuckin’ cheese, cred, let’s go get some beer



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3 thoughts on “Ott and Huey Episode #5

  1. Thanks, Huey, for that glowing support of your friend/fan. You promised me I’d get laid if I listened to eight shows in a row. Why you gotta bust balls so quick?

    That said, and (don’t think too hard, they both link to the same site)

    Shameless plug? Yes, thank you!

    – Peter

    PS – I’m only 16 minutes in to this week’s show. Gotta catch some Z’s, I’ll be sure to harass tomorrow when I’ve got a full dose … jerks.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. Just so everybody knows, all of the bands we’ve used to date are listed in our links section, in the right hand column on every page – please take a minute to check them out. Going forward, if there’s anything we think is really important that people wouldn’t already know, or a story we’re not reporting in full, we’ll try to remember to add the link to the post. For those out there wondering, I do most of my news gathering from msn, yahoo and

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