Ott and Huey Episode #9

Here’s #9…This week:

letterman and palin, latenight in general, slum ott millionaire 2, Alex of Flakjacket, trailers, morgues, going brown, divorces, molsons, naked burglars, road kill, holy explosions



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2 thoughts on “Ott and Huey Episode #9

  1. listening to this poscast then reading the paper yesterday I saw that somewhere in the us some naked man stole fries from a mcdonalds drive thru….thought it was funny

  2. Ah, leave it to Huey to bring me back here. Barbara Walters was on 20/20, sir. The internet says she left the show in 2004, but I’m pretty sure she left on a regular basis before that. But, I don’t care that much to do any more research.

    I’m just sayin’…

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