Huey turns his back on us. Hubert Brown (Huey) got his start in radio his freshman year in college in 1993. Prior to that, however, he regularly carried a cassette recorder (remember those?) with him at all times, ready to comment on and interview participants of life events of both the mundane and milestone variety. At age 13, along with his brother, two friends and a camcorder, Huey put together a one-time, half-hour parody newscast that can only have been the inspiration for the eventual creation of the Daily Show on Comedy Central. While all six people that would see the now lost tape agree to its hilarity, it became clear that Huey had a face for radio. So much so in fact, that because of the joke in the previous sentence, he now will not allow us to take a photo of him for the web site.

Ott's 'head shot.' Rich Otter (Ott) met Huey at around the time of that news parody taping, circa 1988. The two collaborated on many of their handheld audio cassette “shows” that Ott recently found buried in a closet and plans to edit into drops for the Ott and Huey Show. Ott also began broadcasting on the air for the first time while a freshman in college, and found the freedom to express his opinions without confrontation with others liberating. He has since found expressing his opinion with confrontation with others also to be quite pleasurable. While doing a music-focused show in his later college years, Ott would often call in to Huey’s sports talk show, and the comedic chemistry was apparent to all. Naturally, both would almost immediately begin pursuing careers outside of radio, until Huey’s suggestion in March 2009 that they should try to get a weekend gig on the radio. Realizing that no one would hire them, and that he wasn’t sure he could sensor his filthy mouth anymore, Ott suggested they start this podcast, and The Ott and Huey Show was born. Since Huey wouldn’t take a photo, Ott refused also, but supplied this cell phone camera “head shot” instead.

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