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9 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Great show. Although I feel I should heckle the crap out of it. Go Rats! Hey, how about them Yanks and their opening weekend, huh? Scoreboard looked like a HS football game.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Peter, unfortunately, and this hasn’t been announced yet, but we will be recording on Sunday this week. Maybe a recap? If anybody wants to post some predictions here, we can ridicule how wrong you were on Sunday……Ott

  3. I predict: #1 Matthew Stafford to Detroit, #2 Jason Smith to St. Louis, #3 Tyson Jackson to Kansas City, #4 Aaron Curry to Seattle …

    … oh wait. I’m watching it live. Does they count as predictions if they’ve already happened?

  4. Hey, how about an option to embed the show on one’s website? Was hoping to post it into my site.

    Theoretically, it’s a good way to widen listener base, though in my site’s case, maybe not so much. I think I’m the only visitor to my site.

    And Stuff.

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