Ott and Huey Episode #2

We made it to week number two – there’s no stopping us now. Leave us some feedback in the comments area below, or on the feedback page!

On this week’s episode:  Arrggghhh, Pirates straight ahead!, Gardening for Dummies, Fragrant Football Foul, Your own personal LEGO, Rebuffed tax, Chris Brown update, Fantasy expert Phil, the Yankees and baseball in general,  Pitchfork Militia, Boyle the Girl Can Sing,  the Great Canine Taper, Entertainment Report, the Dead are Alive



Ott and Huey Episode #1

The debut episode from Ott and Huey is finally here. Check it out and let us know what you think!

On this week’s episode: Billy Bob’s a douche, Flakjacket, Facebook and Twitter, Entertainment Report, Simon the Semen, Pitchfork Militia, Face ‘plant, D&D Dude Dies, so does Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart, if Ott were King



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